FlippEM provides flipping excellent education in emergency medicine (EM). It’s free and openly accessible to clinicians and students across the globe.

The FlippEM programme is formatted in 52 weekly posts, covering the core topics of EM. The posts can be read in any order, but are published in a logical sequence that runs from the ABCDE Approach to Toxinology. This structured approach marks a point of difference with most other EM blogs.

The posts rotate on an annual basis, starting in the first week of February, to coincide with the beginning of the Australasian registrar training year. They are updated as they are republished, so should be up to date with current knowledge and practice.

The FlippEM programme addresses the most important presentations to Australasian emergency departments. It focuses on core concepts, important details, and current controversies. Each post takes about 7 minutes to read. The snappy format is ideal for busy clinicians and students who learn on the run.

FlippEM can be used to complement classroom or sim-lab based sessions. Ideally the posts should be read first, so that key issues are understood before the sessions start. That saves everyone precious time and energy, and allows for more hands-on training and detailed discussion. This educational technique is known as the Flipped Classroom, which is how FlippEM got its name.

FlippEM is run on a non-commercial basis, on a Creative Commons 4.0 Licence.

Discover, comment, share, learn and enjoy.

February 2018